Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Post of August!!!

I don't know why I was so excited about posting the first post of August. I just love the month "August". It's a pretty name. So, I was searching around for any books that are called "August" or have that name in them but I couldn't find any! If you have any titles just comment or send me a message. You'll get...a big bowl of nothing! And you don't even get the bowl! :) And I'm really excited about today because my baby brother is turning ONE today!! So excited for him! (he has no idea LOL!) and we'll have a party tonight with yummy carrot cake.

...This is a quick update for you all to know I'm not forgetting the blog while I enjoy myself with a ton of Summer Time and I'll be posting something bigger soon. Congratulate Everett and his big Number 1 bday by commenting, following, and reading!



Sally said...

Happy birthday to your little bro!!!!!!!!!! <3

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